Letter to the Editor: Frustrated with Dog Owners

Is it just me, or do most people, visitors and residents, not seem to pick up after their dogs?

Every time I mow, I find 6-10  “gifts” left in my yard. I have watched residents on my street allow their dogs to go and leave their residue in my yard. I also see visitors do the same. I love this island, am a resident now, and do not understand where the respect for Ocracoke is and keeping the island as clean and sanitary as possible. If you love visiting or living here, does it not bother you? I know there are several spots that have the bags and receptacle to put dog waste. Do we need more? I read in an old Police Blotterthat states:

        “A new Animal Control Ordinance has gone into effect.  Pet owners must be responsible for the waste their animals produce.  Horses must be bagged.  Dog owners must  carry, and use, something to scoop up dog poop”   police blotter from 6/12/2012

I know that it is not feasible to hire someone to enforce this, but it is ridiculous how much poop you see when walking around the island. Some of this belongs to feral cats, but much is canine.

I know that in the grand scheme of things, this issue does not compare to drainage or Hatteras ferry route times, but being compared to Paris in regards to animal waste is not a positive thing. Please, carry a bag and be respectful of your neighbors, whether you are here for a short time or long term. Think of what is going to be floating around during the next storm surge. It is not a comforting thought.



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