Police Blotter 6/12/2012

Jenny Scarborough

Visitors are arriving in larger numbers.  Get ready.

The weekend of the Ocrafolk Festival went wonderfully, and the large number of festival-goers were law abiding.  "Overall it was a very quiet weekend," said Sergeant Jason Daniels. 

The Ocracoke Sheriff's Department continues to emphasize safe operation of golf carts, proper restraints for children riding in vehicles of all kinds, and DWI enforcement.

As summer kicks into gear, Daniels reminds people to drink responsibly.

In the past week, officers assisted two individuals who unwisely passed out in the road.  "It is hard to find people's houses when they can't tell you where they live," said Daniels. 

Officers witnessed a young woman fall off her bike due after blunting her motor functions with alcohol.  She did not need medical attention, but did need help finding her abode for the night.

A local man entered the wrong home around 4:30 a.m.  "There was no criminal intent at all," said Daniels, just drink-induced confusion. 

A visitor fell down the steps of his rental home, put himself to bed, and didn't seek treatment for his wounds until the next day.  Alcohol was involved. 

Daniels said the dangerous behavior that results from excessive drinking can leave him "completely dumbfounded" and frustrated.  He reminds everyone, once again, to know their limits, and to take responsibility for their safety and actions when drinking.

Officers attended Ocracoke School Graduation on Sunday night.  Seeing much of the community come together was nice, said Daniels.  "We don't know how lucky we are to have a ceremony that's so personal.  We are so fortunate here." 

A new Animal Control Ordinance has gone into effect.  Pet owners must be responsible for the waste their animals produce.  Horses must be bagged.  Dog owners must carry, and use, something to scoop up dog poop.


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