Lightning Strikes House

Jenny Scarborough

Who did you call when you heard lightning strike a minute before noon?

The thunder clap rocked the island. The guests of the rental home that was struck called the OVFD. The home is on a deep lot on Lighthouse Road, sort of like the lot the lighthouse is on. The home overlooks the harbor, and is taller than the surrounding trees.

"They were home when it happened, and they were very lucky," said a firefighter. Everyone is safe. OVFD had done its job and cleared the scene before 1 p.m., when I pedaled over through the puddles.

From my home, I suspected the Wilma Lee's mast was its target. I called Sundae. From a different angle, it sounded like the sky met the earth near the Boyette house, commented electrician Andrew Todd on the facebook thread that instantly went up, courtesy of Leslie Lanier of Books to be Red.

 A few electrical connections were blown, but the two fuse boxes are intact, said the OVFD source.

During the next few days with thunderstorms forecast, protect your electronics by unplugging them when not in use. Also, during an electrical storm, don't climb tall trees or fly a kite.


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