Emily Schweninger Wins WOVV Photo Contest

Emily Schweninger Wins WOVV Photo Contest

She wore her WOVV t-shirt someplace really far away.

Ocracoke Community Radio station's member Tom Cain, who hosts the station’s the weekend show Down Creek Blues, announced a promo during the winter: submit a photo taken of someone wearing a WOVV t-shirt the farthest away from Ocracoke.  The winner would get one of those popular WOVV logo hats.  

Had the winner been photographed in front of the Lincoln Memorial or by someone with a wry sense of humor at say, the Border Station, it might have passed with an “Oh yeah, Nice, what’s next?”  attitude. But this winner is indeed noteworthy.  Emily Schweninger is photographed proudly wearing her WOVV t-shirt at Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. 

Emily and her family have a house on Ocracoke and she has visited the island for extended stays all of her life. She is currently working in Mozambique.  Fluent in Portuguese and Spanish and what they call Portunol, last summer she co-hosted with Peter Vankevich a world music Theme Tunes show.  She looks forward to doing more world music programs on WOVV when she gets back to the island. 

So just how far away is Cape of Good Hope?  Since this is Ocracoke, we’ll give you several measures of the distance:  the standard or statute distance (5082 feet) is 7757 miles.  The nautical mile distance (6076 feet) is 6740 and the kilometer distance (3280.84 feet)   is 12483. If you were to head out of Silver Lake for the trip of a lifetime, an estimate of sailing on the high seas would be approximately 30 days.

Ocracoke’s Village Voice can indeed be heard in Africa and just about anywhere in the world that has Internet access by logging into the web site:  wovv.org as well, of course,  on the island at 90.1FM.

Ocracoke Community Radio's mission is to provide the Village of Ocracoke, and its visitors, with a community-enhancing medium of education, information, civic discourse and entertainment through access to the public airwaves for locally-focused, regional and national programming produced by, and responsive to the needs of, our unique island community.  It is a nonprofit that relies on public support. To become a member, drop by the station or visit the web site at: wovv.org.

Editor's note: Peter Vankevich also hosts a weekly show on WOVV (8 – 10 p.m. Mondays, as does Ocracoke Current (10 – 11 a.m. on Fridays). 
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