Shorter Hatteras Ferry Route Still Not Viable

Jenny Scarborough
Shorter Hatteras Ferry Route Still Not Viable

Dredging has stopped, but the shorter route across Hatteras Inlet is not passable.

Two ferries ran aground during sea trials of the Hatteras ferry channel conducted on Saturday. The captains identified several "hot spots" in the federal channel, which the US Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for maintaining.

Hatteras Island's charter and commercial fleets also rely on the channel.

"Four of our most experienced and seasoned Masters have tried this new channel and do not think it is safe to transit, day or night," concluded the the Port Captain's report.

Passage will continue in the alternative route, which passes farther from the inlet, and requires an additional 20 – 40 minutes to cross. There is a long stretch in which this channel is too narrow for two ferries to pass each other, restricting the number of runs that can be made.



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