Your Input Needed at Local Foods Meeting

Saltwater Connections will hold a local foods community discussion on Sunday, February 24th 2013, 1:30pm to 3:30pm, at the Ocracoke Community Center.
Your Input Needed at Local Foods Meeting


Consumers, fishermen, gardeners, parents, teachers, chefs, food writers, healthy eating advocates, community leaders.

Representatives from local: school, fish company, grocer, realty companies, restaurants, health center, radio, bank, churches, nonprofit organizations, online and in print newspapers.


1. Introduction: examples of successful local foods projects across the state, concept of "local food councils," Hyde County connections and resources.

2. Input from those attending about local foods projects and needs on Ocracoke.

3. A call to action based on local interests. Focus on accomplishing these goals.

Christy Shi will lead a discussion on emerging creative community food systems and local food councils in North Carolina, as a follow-up to the Saltwater Connections Winter Assembly in Ocracoke last month.

Christy is working with the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS). She is a community-based food systems consultant, past executive director at Charlotte City Market, and co-founder of Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food. CEFS, at North Carolina State University, is committed to building North Carolina's sustainable, local and organic food economy as a way to stimulate economic development and job creation, bolster the viability of local farms and fisheries and help address diet-related health problems.

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