Welcome, Dallas!

Welcome, Dallas!

Dallas Charles Mason joined the Ocracoke community on October 26, 2012.

He was at the post office running pre-Christmas errands with parents Shane and Emilie Mason when Ocracoke Current caught up to them.  Dallas was not delighted about removing his pacifier for his photo opp, but he seemed unfazed by all the attention.

Dallas does not lack for doting family.  He has five grandparents; Miggy and Rex O'Neal, Charles Mason, Donna Burrus, and Dal Burrus; and six great grandparents; Emilie Wilkes, Maxine Mason, Annie McNeill, David Berner, Milly and Calvin Burrus!   A loving crew of aunts, uncles and cousins makes things even more fun.

Even with all the competition, Emilie and Shane agree that Aunt Jenny Mason manages to spoil Dallas the most. 


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