Help Needed on the Fire Department History

Press Release
Help Needed on the Fire Department History

In 1966 the Ocracoke Fire Protection Association was incorporated by Ocracoke community members.

Over the last forty-six years, people involved in the fire department have come and gone.  Almost no written information has been found about the operation of the department, so we really know little about events and personnel.  All of the original people who started the organization are now dead.  The department is hoping that the descendents of past department personnel may find paperwork in their attics or outbuildings that would help us learn more about what happened since the organization was incorporated.  Rosters, minutes of meetings, memories of events, such as fires, etc. would be great to have on file. 

Those of you who served on the fire department at one time could help us by listing the names of those you served with and what years you served.  Anything you remember would be helpful.

Any information you can share will aid us in putting together the history of the department.  You may email the information to, mail the information to P. O. Box 332, or put it in an envelope and drop it off at the fire department.  Please address the envelope to Dick Jacoby.

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