Ocrafolk Festival Starts Today!

Potluck, Live Auction, and Music Tonight!

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Ocrafolk Festival Friday (June 1) Schedule
6:00 PM ~ Community Potluck at Books to be Red (School Road)
7:00 PM ~ Auction Preview, Ocracoke School Gym
7:30-9:00 PM ~ Auction (Hosted by Philip Howard & Bill Cole)
9:00-10:00 PM ~ Performance by L Shape Lot at Live Oak Stage
9:00-10:00 PM ~ Celtic Jam with Craicdown at Deepwater Theater

Auction Items Listed Below (Subject to Change) 
Visit the Ocrafolk Festival website for details on the Saturday & Sunday's Schedule

2012 Ocrafolk Festival Live Fundraising Auction
OOTB=Out of the Box Artist. Earlier this year we invited community artisans who were friends of the Ocrafolk Festival to create an original "Out of the Box" work of art.  Everyone was given five pieces of wood that could potentially be put together into box form.  Artisans were free to use these pieces however they saw fit!  The entries were amazing and truly "Out of the Box."  Come and see their work (and bid on your favorites!).

1. Hemp hat, hemp wallet & lb. of coffee (Natural Selections/Live Oak Coffee)
2. Vintage Kitty Martin (Mitchell) print (Mermaid’s Folly)
3. OOTB – “Light of the Spirit” by Kitty Mitchell
4. Basket of pirate goodies (Over the Moon)
5. OOTB – “Nature’s Quilt” by Barry Burgan
6. OOTB – “Ice Bucket” by Jim & Ann Borland)
7. Fig cake, fig preserves, Café Atlantic cookbook (Ruth Toth/Café Atlantic)
8. Fig tree (Amy Howard)
9. Flight-seeing tour over Ocracoke by Charles Hardy
10. OOTB – “Slow Chime Cocoons” by Jamieson Wilson
11. OOTB – “Time Out” by Vicky Lowe 
12. OOTB – “The Great Pyramid” by Emmet Temple & Cassandra Hagins
13. Purple, sea inspired necklace (Mary Whelan)
14. Pelicans in Ties framed print (Village Craftsmen)
15. OOTB – “Skate or Die” by Daniel Pullen
16. OOTB – “Fossil Marine ‘Box’ Turtle” by Warner Passanisi
17. Embroidered little girl’s dress (Merle Davis/Wendy McDowell)
18. OOTB – Fish by Cindy Fiore
19. OOTB – “Too Cute to Eat” by Kati Wharton
20. Sail bag filled with nautical items (Black Schooner Gifts)
21. Matted/framed photo of Ocracoke Lighthouse by Tom Whelan)
22. OOTB – “Live Every Week Like it’s Shark Week” by April Trueblood
23. OOTB – “Island Time” by Don Bowers
24. Private 1 ½ hour sail on the Wilma Lee for up to 30 people. (Good between Sept. 15, 2012 and May 15, 2013…Must schedule a time in advance with Capt. Rob.) (Ocracoke Alive/Capt. Rob Temple)
25. Matted photo of a Howard St. cemetery (John & Joan Crowe)
26. OOTB – “Dreams of India” by Zoe Huppert & Lesllie Espinoza
27. OOTB – mirror by Barbara Jemison
28. OOTB – “Unleash Your Inner Artist” by Philip Howard
29. Framed watercolor print by Libby Steadham
30. Basket of princess goodies (Over the Moon)
31. OOTB – “Cinderella’s Rooster” by Mary Bassell
32. OOTB – “Surf Flower” by Sherry Hawkins
33. Little boy’s outfit by Tosha Collins (Merle Davis/Tosha Collins)
34. Little girl’s outfit by Tosha Collins (Merle Davis/Tosha Collins)
35. Shell Wreath by Judy Perry
36. OOTB – “Fiddler on Roof” by Kathleen O’Neal
37. OOTB – “Sew: a needle pulling thread” by Jada Andre
38. Sailing adventure weekend for 2 ppl. leaving from New Bern or Oriental
39. OOTB – “Sweet Dreams Bed” by Reggie Mosser
40. Smock, finger paints, canvas & brushes (Deepwater Pottery/Books to be Red)
41. OOTB – untitled weaving w/copper and Ocracoke shells by Judith Saunders
42. OOTB – untitled by Randi Machovec & Blake Sullivan
43. Facial from Cindy Fiore
44. OOTB – A mystery box by Roy Revels
45. Matted/framed photo of a pelican over Silver Lake by Tom Whelan
46. OOTB – “Bird on a Wire” by Susan Dodd
47. OOTB – “Artifact” by Jennifer Cromwell
48. Soapstone carving of Oi by Marcus Miller
49. Joan Kelly bowl from Isabel Ocracoke cedar (Ernest Kelly/Erin Maguire)
50. Patsy Cline icon by Susan Dodd
51. OOTB – “Scrappy Sits Here” by Jen Ray
52. OOTB – “Owl in a Hole” by Susse Wright
53. OOTB – “Leaf Light” by Jim Fineman
54. Jewelry box by Martin Hichens
55. Leash, coffee mug & lb. of coffee (Island Ragpicker/Ocacoke Coffee Co.)
56. Framed heron photo sequence by Kay Kohler
57. OOTB – “Ocracoke Altarpiece” by Jennifer Kidwell
58. OOTB – “Date Night” by Matt Sheehan & Maria Logan
59. OOTB – “Beach Wedding” by Karen Burgan
60. Framed JoKo lighthouse print (Jackie Stone/Pam O’Neal)
61. 1992 Cracker quilt by Kay Mallison (Ocracoke Friends of the Library)

More items will be auctioned off online after the Ocrafolk Festival weekend.

For more details visit the festival website at www.ocrafolkfestival.org

Artwork by Jessie Howard
Ocracoke Alive, Inc., is a private non-profit committed to enrichment of the Ocracoke Island community through the encouraging and sponsoring cultural, artistic, educational, and environmental activities including the production of plays, musicals, musical events, exhibits, schools, workshops, and festivals. For more information, visit the website at www.ocracokealive.org.

David Tweedie, Ocrafolk Festival 2012 Chairperson 252-921-0260 info@ocracokealive.org


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Ocrafolk Festival Starts Today!
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