Voting Makes July 4th More Fun. Register Now!

Jenny Scarborough
Voting Makes July 4th More Fun.  Register Now!

The last day to register to vote in the May 8 Primary is Friday, April 13.

Superstitious voters may want to register earlier than that, or take advantage of one stop voting on Saturday, April 28 at the Ocracoke United Methodist Church Rec Hall.  One Stop voting allows citizens to register and vote on the same day.  It is available to all Hyde residents at the elections office in Swan Quarter April 19 - May 5.

If you are already registered, you need only show up at the Ocracoke Community Center to participate in the democratic process of the American republic. 

To register, pick up a form at Ocracoke Library or Ocracoke School and mail it to the Hyde Elections office.  Or visit the NC State Board of Elections site and download a registration form. 

Hyde County Elections Director Cindy Carawan encourages all voters to periodically update their voter registration form.

Incumbent Darlene Styron and John Fletcher, both Democrats, filed to be Ocracoke County Commissioner.  Unaffiliated, or independent, voters can decide whether they prefer to help decide the local election or would rather vote in the Republican primary.  Or they may prefer to vote the Libertarian ticket.

Six people are running for two open seats on the non-partisan Hyde County School Board. 

Five Republican Presidential candidates are on the ballot in national elections. 

To learn more about the May ballot visit the Hyde County website.

There are about 776 registered voters on Ocracoke, reported Carawan.  There are about 3,689 total in Hyde. Voter turnout in Hyde hovers around 43%, slightly above the state average.  "I would love to see 50%," said Carawan.

Half of the registered Libertarians in Hyde reside on Ocracoke.  The other one lives in Ponzer. 







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