Open Forum -- Your Input Requested

As we all know, the Community Store went out of business last month. 

There has been much speculation about what will happen to the Community Store and whether it will re-open as a grocery store or something else.

Most residents seem to be sad that the store closed and hopeful that it will re-open as a grocery/general store.

As of now, no one has come forward to take over the Community Store lease, but a group of local people are exploring options to get it up and running again as a grocery store. 

They want your input. 

What are your thoughts about the Community Store? What should it become?

Is it worth exploring the option of a co-op grocery store? 

What should it sell? 

Would you be willing to come to a meeting about the future of the Community Store? 

Editors' note: Jenny Scarborough and Sundae Horn are not involved in the Community Store group. We are simply letting them use Ocracoke Current as a forum to generate a discussion. 

Please comment below. 




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