OCBA to Hold Civic Affairs Meeting this Week

Press Release
The March OCBA Civic Meeting is currently scheduled for Wednesday, March 18th at 6pm in the Community Center.
The proposed agenda for this meeting is as follows:
  • Martha Taylor's Students in the Leadership Group will be presenting their Sustainability Project Ideas
  • Hyde County Department of Public Health will be presenting on procedures and updated information regarding the COVID-19 virus.
  • Hyde County Commissioner Tom Pahl will be providing updates and information
  • The OIRRT Team will present the newly created tourist information flyer featuring facts and suggestions regarding Hurricane Dorian Recovery
  • Harold Thomas from NCDOT Ferry Division will be presenting updates 

Balancing the need for providing a format and place to share this important information, and wanting to proceed with caution in the face of this national emergency in regards to the COVID-19 Virus, OCBA will monitor the situation on a daily basis. They plan to proceed with the Civic Meeting, and offer a web viewing option for those who would feel more comfortable staying at home. The Current will share a link to their web platform early in the week, and update you on any changes to the planned meeting.

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