Wanna Run for Office?

Wanna Run for Office?

Candidate filing began today at noon and ends on Friday, December 20th at noon.

Tom Pahl made it sound like so much fun in his statement (click here to read it), that we're sure hordes of people will clamor to file for candidacy.   

Viola Williams of the Hyde County Elections Office sent the following information for those interested in filing:  

The seats opening for filing are:

  • County Commissioner - Fairfield, Lake Landing and Ocracoke townships 
  • Board of Education At-Large - 2 seats (currently held by Randy Etheridge and Thomas Whitaker) 
  • Each of the 3 sanitary districts have 2 seats (Ocracoke is one of the sanitary districts)

Soil & Water Board has 1 seat, but they file in July for the election in November.

Filing fees are $42 for county commissioners and $5 for all other seats.

Anyone that is registered unaffiliated that wants to run will need to do a petition to get their name on the ballot.

Filings can be mailed or delivered as long as it is received by the deadline.  The filing form has to be notarized.  If filing in the office, Ms Williams will notarize it for the candidate. If you are going to mail it, you will need to get it notarized. (That service is available at First National Bank on Ocracoke.)

If you miss the deadline or want to be a write-in candidate, you have to do a petition.  

Here is a link to the NC State Board’s site with general candidate filing information: https://www.ncsbe.gov/Elections/Candidate-Filing 

The important two links on the webpage are the candidacy form and the candidate’s guide. On the right hand side, there is a heading called "forms." The Notice of Candidacy is the second link. That is the form that the candidate fills out, has notarized, and sends in to the Hyde County Elections office. The candidate’s guide is located under the next heading down (Resources) and is the third link.  

Potential candidates are encouraged to call Ms Williams and she will walk them through all the steps for filing. Viola Williams, 252-926-5280, vwilliams@hydecountync.gov.



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