Giving Thanks Together

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Giving Thanks Together
Ocracoke will gather for a Community Thanksgiving Dinner.

Ocracoke Community Members, Ocracoke Disaster Relief, and Liberty Fellowship Church invite those who live on the island to share Thanksgiving dinner together, 1pm to 3pm, at The Berkley Barn.

After the devastation following Hurricane Dorian, islanders may not be able to enjoy a typical Thanksgiving at home. In light of the difficult housing and financial situation many of us face, we invite the community to come together and share a home cooked meal in a warm, inviting atmosphere. Attendees are encouraged to bring their favorite side or dessert to share, potluck style, at the event.

The Community Thanksgiving is open to those living on the island as permanent residents, or temporary volunteers and contractors. Our extended community also includes non-resident property owners who've donated their time, money, energy, or homes to help us recover. Invited guests of community members are also welcome. This an opportunity for island families to come together for a day of celebration and thanks.

Our community is our family. We ask islanders who will be present during Thanksgiving to consider participating in this event as volunteers, while also sharing a meal with one another. Please contact these sources if you would like to assist with the following:

Giving Thanks Together
Potluck, Decoration, Event Volunteers, and Clean-Up: Sundae Horn and Karen Lovejoy
Sundae: 252-921-0283
Karen: 252-921-0268
Prep and Cooking Volunteers: Alicia Peel

We ask those off-island interested in aiding this event to donate monetarily to support this cause. Please contact Katie Pendry of Liberty Christian Fellowship at By writing “Ocracoke Thanksgiving” in the subject line, the email will be directed to her.

Provided Menu (may be adjusted)
Roasted Turkey generously donated by Sugar Creek Seafood Restaurant and Black Pelican Seafood Company
Mashed Potatoes
Seasoned Green Beans

Attendees are encouraged to bring their favorite sides and desserts, to complete the meal and share their traditions. Supplies will be available at the special Potluck Pantry: 

The Potluck Pantry is an extension of the Food Pantry available at the fire station, but will specifically offer Thanksgiving food items the two days prior to Thanksgiving. The vision of this portion of the project is to allow residents who may not have the means to purchase food a way to participate in the potluck. However, it is not a requirement that the food be used for the event - residents who are hosting their own Thanksgiving at home are welcome to take the items they need as well. Ocracoke Disaster Relief is actively accepting donations to this cause.

Despite our struggle, we have been so blessed with generosity, kindness, community, and friendship in the face of adversity; it is time to take a day to set aside our hardships and celebrate with one another.

Thank you to John's Drive In Outer Banks and Liberty Christian Fellowship for your invaluable support in making this event a reality.

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