Double the Meetings, Double the Fun

Both the TDA and OCBA Civic Affairs meetings are next week.

And, young'uns, are we excited! 

The Ocracoke Tourism Development Authority (the board that doles out 2% of occupancy tax revenues) will meet on Monday, October 28 at 9am at Ocracoke Lightship Realty. TDA chair Amy Howard expects it to be a "long meeting" -- the longer, the better, amirite? Here's the agenda:

  • Discuss and vote on July 25th meeting minutes
  • Discuss current situation post Dorian and how to manage the crisis financially including what our revenue is vs. what we had projected for
  • Begin a discussion of the future of OCBA/TDA relationship
  • Set meeting dates for the coming year
  • New business
All are welcome, but just to listen, not contribute. 

The Ocracoke Civic Affairs Meeting will take place on Wednesday, October 30, 2019 from 6-8pm at the Ocracoke Community Center. All are welcome, and at this meeting, you are invited to ask questions! 

The following topics will be covered (and maybe more!)

  • Hyde County Update - Kris Noble
  • NC Ferry Division Update – Jed Dixon
  • County Commissioner Update - Tom Pahl
  • Joint Recovery Center Information – Teresa Adams
  • Ocracoke Interfaith Relief & Recovery Team – Ivey Belch

See you there!

Double the Meetings, Double the Fun



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