Life's a Beach

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Life's a Beach

You need some beach time. Where will you go?

Not the Lifeguard Beach. As of Sunday, September 15, the Ocracoke Day Use Area (a.k.a. the Lifeguard Beach) is closed to beachgoers. The parking lot at the day use area is now a giant dump for all the debris coming out of Ocracoke homes and businesses. 

South Point Road (ramp 72) is opened as of TODAY. According to NPS Ranger Shane Bryan, it was closed because the road was still "spongey" from the storm surge of Hurricane Dorian, and there were trees to clear. Ramps 68 and 70 also opened today.

Route 12 is closed north of the NPS campground due storm damage to the road. 

So, where's a girl to go to dip her weary toes in the sea and sand?

When we went on Sunday, the ramps were still closed to ORV traffic, so we walked over from the airport ramp. (The campground parking lot is full of RVs where volunteers and contractors are living, and the airport is the staging ground for big donations to the island. We saw lots of vehicles, even big tractor-trailers; parking can be an issue.)

What a beautiful sight the vast ocean waves were after a week of toil in our dark and dank little house. 

In the distance, what looked like fishermen's trucks parked on the sand were actually trees — dozens of trees washed ashore during the storm.

Capt. Rob looked longingly out to sea, where he spotted a white sail on the horizon. "Why do you love it so much?" I asked, as we stood at the edge of the water. "It's tried to kill you on numerous occasions and it just ruined most of your stuff."

"Well, I've thought better of it in the past," he said with a smile. And then I broke into "A Pirate Looks at 40" by Jimmy Buffett ("Mother, mother ocean, I have heard your call...") because I have a song for every one of life's precious moments and we stood and watched the water twinkle on the waves until we heard a shout from some friends arriving to join us. 

Also, I found a scotch bonnet. I've got no hard feelings at all. 

Life's a Beach



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