Hwy. 12 on Ocracoke Buckled by Tide

Press Release
Hwy. 12 on Ocracoke Buckled by Tide

Our road will need extensive repairs.

Our engineers have made some initial assessments on hurricane damage to NC12 on both Ocracoke and Hatteras Islands.

The picture below is from Ocracoke. There are two 500 foot sections of road in this condition. Obviously, these will take some serious repair work.

On Hatteras, the news is better. While there is a lot of sand and standing water in some places, as well as a few dune breaches, initial assessments reveal no apparent damage to the roadway. For now, travel on NC-12 on Hatteras Island is hazardous, but our crews will be out first thing tomorrow morning working hard on it. 

Please be drive with extreme caution when there are people and equipment in the roadway, and as always, never drive into floodwaters.

We'll post another update when we have more details.

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