Watching Michael

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Watching Michael

Ocracoke is under a Tropical Storm Watch as of Tuesday afternoon.

Readers of the Ocracoke Current are aware that Capt. Rob Temple is always checking the tropical weather forecast and making his own predictions about possible storm impact on Ocracoke. 

So it probably won't surprise you as much as it did me (his wife) when he called Monday afternoon to tell me to secure his favorite hurricane hole at the Park Service docks. "Go and pay for two nights," he said. "And put the 'Occupied' signs on the slip I always use." (He probably said please, but it wasn't a request. Sometimes even I obey captain's orders.)

I had no idea that Hurricane Michael was heading our way, but Rob was on top of it – and he was calling from Hong Kong! 

Last Thursday, he flew to Hong Kong (why not?) on a whirlwind trip with a friend, and I went camping in the woods at a hippie music festival without cell service or internet for four days. Listening to NPR on the way home Sunday night, I heard talk about Michael, all focused on the Florida Gulf Coast. 

I blame Facebook for my ignorance, or more accurately, my Facebook friends. (Zuckerburg's off the hook for this one.) On Sunday evening I posted on my personal FB page: "Just got back to civilization. Besides the Kavanaugh confirmation, what did I miss?" A few friends commented, but nobody mentioned weather. Hello? I could've used a head's up. 

Michael didn't provide much warning time for anyone, developing quickly from a depression to a major hurricane in a few days. As I write this, I'm worrying about the people in the Florida Panhandle who are facing a Category 4 storm today. And I'm worried for our NC neighbors who are still struggling to recover from Hurricane Florence flooding and now may face more rain and flooding from a new storm. 

I'm also pretty sure that Ocracoke will see heavy rain, tropical storm force winds, and possibly storm surge. If Rob tells me any different, I'll let you know here on the Current.

At this time, the Ocracoke Emergency Control Group has no plans to meet.

Stay safe!



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