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Ponies are unperturbed.
Ponies are unperturbed.
Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Ocracoke survived the visit from Aunt Flo; residents wait for news about re-entry.

Yours truly is off the island, high and dry in the Buckeye State, but getting reports from Hyde County officials and Ocracoke peeps who weathered the storm at home. 

Our elected representative, Tom Pahl, posted on Facebook at 11am: 

"We are scheduling a meeting of the Ocracoke Control Group for later today to discuss re-entry. Here’s what I know now: I will push hard for re-entry as soon as it might be possible, fully aware that everyone is anxious to get back ASAP. Even though the island is in great shape, we need access roads and ferries (or a road and a ferry) operational before we can open up. Yes, Dare County is ahead of us on re-entry – and that’s because they are more confident than we are regarding their roads. On the mainland, there is flooding in several locations currently blocking access into Swan Quarter. The condition of the Ocracoke piece of Highway 12 is being assessed; there is some thought that it may require more than just scraping the sand off. The Ferry Division will need to weigh in on any concerns they may have about water level, ramps, shoaling, etc. As of this morning Hyde County was still doing some water rescue on the mainland. All of these factors will play into the timing of re-entry And will be a part of the discussion later today."

The Ocracoke Current will post an update as soon as we get one. 

This morning, the National Park Service posted a photo of the Ocracoke ponies with this message: "We are happy to announce that all of the Ocracoke ponies are safe and that the pony pen did not sustain any damage from Hurricane Florence." Yay! That's news that makes everyone happy. 

The Variety Store is open today 8am–5pm. 

Pastor Bryant posted this morning that Ocracoke United Methodist Church will not hold services tomorrow, September 16th. Instead, he posted, "I will be leading a service, via Facebook Live, (online) at 11 am tomorrow morning. Join us for prayer, announcements, and a brief devotion. You should be able to log in and watch directly from our page and the video will be saved so you can watch if you miss it at 11." 

Yesterday, the NC DOT posted "On Ocracoke, NC12 is closed from the Pony Pens northward, as a large section of that road has seen significant dune loss and has deep sand and water on the roadway. Again, there appears to be no significant damage to the pavement, but crews will need to clear, inspect, and repair the road before it can reopen between the village and the South Dock ferry terminal."

NCDOT also reported that there was no major damage to any of the ferry terminals. The road to the Cedar Island ferry remains impassable today. 

Per the Dare county website most recent post (on Friday): Re-entry began Saturday morning, "allowing essential personnel, permanent residents, essential personnel for critical businesses, non-resident property owners and non-resident employees of non-critical businesses. Visitors will be allowed entry to areas north of Oregon Inlet beginning Sunday, September 16 at 7:00 a.m.

There is no access to Hatteras Island at this time. N.C. Highway 12 on Hatteras Island will remain closed until NCDOT can clear the road and bridges of debris and conduct a required inspection of the Bonner Bridge.  The inspection is expected to take place on Saturday and reentry guidelines will be announced as soon as possible."  


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