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The clouds were amazing Monday evening.
The clouds were amazing Monday evening.

Visitors are leaving; residents are urged to leave.

A word from our county commissioner, Tom Pahl:

"Here is what I know at this point:

Mandatory evac for visitors went into effect today at noon.

Evac order will be extended to residents and homeowners as of 5 AM Tuesday.

Evac order of residents is meant to emphasize the potential danger and seriousness of this event.

EMS and other emergency services are suspended during the event and afterwards until a return to the island is possible.

Tideland electric is poised to provide limited on-island generation, but not until the storm subsides and all necessary repairs are completed.

If you choose to stay, be prepared to be without electricity, groceries, telephone, emergency services, medical help, access to prescriptions, fire protection, etc. until several days following the storm.

Storm surge predictions have not yet been issued by the National Weather Service. They don’t have enough certainty as to their data at this point. It would be prudent to assume a significant flood event perhaps well above Matthew levels.

If you leave the island - and can’t return before Tuesday at 5 AM, you will not be allowed back unless you are a first responder, fuel or materials supplier, etc.

Estimating the timing of the last ferry to leave Ocracoke....some guesswork involved here....conditions may play out differently than anticipated....mid day on Wednesday.

Please take this event seriously. If you have doubts about any part of the preparation or decision-making you are facing - Do the more cautious thing.

Be safe - Help your neighbors, ask for help if you need it -This is what we are about."

Press Release #3: Hurricane Florence Mandatory Evacuation of Ocracoke Island for Visitors and Residents

Effective at 5:00 am Tuesday, September 11, 2018, the Hyde County Board of Commissioners have issued a mandatory evacuation of Ocracoke Island for residents, non-resident property owners and the continued mandatory evacuation of visitors. All alcohol sales on the island will be suspended at 5:00 pm on Tuesday, September 11, 2018.

At 12:00 pm on Monday, September 10, 2018, the Hyde County Board of Commissioners have declared a state of emergency for all of Hyde County and a mandatory visitor evacuation of Ocracoke Island due to the potential impact of Hurricane Florence.

Ocracoke entry will be restricted and the priorities are as follows:

1) Emergency Personnel and Equipment
2) NCDOT Highway and Power Company Personnel and Equipment 3) Sanitation Personnel and Equipment
4) Mail and Parcel Delivery
5) Commodities and Fuel Vendors until ferry operations cease

Information on available shelters and transportation options will be forthcoming.

Hurricane Florence is projected to be a major hurricane with landfall somewhere in the southeastern NC area. All of Hyde County is currently in the cone of uncertainty and current projections show the possibility of tropical storm force winds arriving as early as Wednesday evening.

During a state of emergency, all NC DOT ferry reservations are canceled and tolls are waived. Boarding the ferries will be on a first come first serve basis. Due to the possible flooding and wash over on Hwy 12, impacts may occur well in advance of the storm, we recommend starting your evacuation as soon as possible and utilizing the sound route ferries when evacuating. Decisive action is necessary to insure you arrive at your destination safely.

The Hyde County Emergency Services Department will continue to monitor the forecast and issue advisories as appropriate. Also, the Ocracoke Deputy Control Group will continue meeting to receive daily weather briefings and discuss emergency protective measures. Citizens should monitor their local weather outlets, the National Weather Service Weather Forecast Offices, and the National Hurricane Center for the most timely information.

To see Hyde County’s Hurricane and Flood Procedures and Preparation Information, visit our website at

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