Iconic Howard Street Sign Missing

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Iconic Howard Street Sign Missing

A $750 reward is offered for its return.

On Sunday, August 5th, Martha Garrish posted on Facebook that the beloved "Howard Street" sign on her family's property was missing, presumed stolen.

"This sign is close to 100 years old," she posted.

Stacy Howard (1885–1968) made the sign longer ago than anyone can remember, and nailed it to the huge live oak on his property. Stacey and his wife Lizzie had five children; their daughter Etta Mae (1922–1980) married Jule Garrish (1922–2017), the parents of Wilson and Frankie Garrish. Wilson is married to Martha; they rent the Lela Howard house (where the sign was located) through Ocracoke Island Realty.

No one is certain when the sign disappeared though the renters who left Saturday confirmed it was there when they were.  A search of the bushes and surrounding area was unsuccessful. 

Martha is offering a reward of $150 for the safe return of the historic Howard Street sign, no questions asked. UPDATE: Others have chipped in and the reward is now $750. If the sign is no longer on Ocracoke, please mail to Martha Garrish, POB 238, Ocracoke, NC, 27960. She'll mail you a check for the $150 plus reimburse your shipping costs. 

If you have any information regarding the Howard Street sign, please let us know!

UPDATE: There are varying reports about when the sign was last seen in its proper place. If you have photographic evidence of it being there in July or August 2018, please share.



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