Kindergarten Celebrates Ocracoke Community Helpers

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Kindergarten Celebrates Ocracoke Community Helpers

The artwork will be on display in the library through May.

Who are the people in our neighborhood? The Ocracoke School Kindergarten students will tell you all about them!

Join them at the Ocracoke Library Thursday, April 19th from 6–7pm, while they celebrate the opening of their art installation, "Community Helpers." The kids created familiar buildings on Ocracoke from cardboard boxes and found objects, then added cut-out photos of the actual community helpers you'll find there. Check out the familiar faces of the Variety Store crew or the Health Center staff!

The class first presented their Community Helpers project at the Ocracoke School S.T.E.A.M Fair (a.k.a. the science fair). "It covered standards for social studies and literacy, and included an engineering/creating aspect," Claire explained. (The E in STEAM stands for engineering.) The kids are enthusiastic about their learning. "They shout 'I SEE A COMMUNITY HELPER' when we are outside and someone drives by like the sheriff or EMS, or someone that's doing construction," Claire said. 

Kindergarten Celebrates Ocracoke Community Helpers

When the local library lady (full disclosure: that's me) saw the display at the S.T.E.A.M fair, she/I knew it had to be preserved and displayed for more eyes to see. Work like that needs recognition -- and a big space to set it up.

At the library exhibit opening, the Kindergarteners will perform a song about community helpers and share their stories about how they made their models of Ocracoke people and places. The students made special invitations for the community helpers in their models, who can stop by and see their mini-me replicas. Everyone will enjoy baked goods provided by Ocracoke Friends of the Library. 

The art will be on display in the main room of the library until the end of the school year. 


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