New Year-Round Resident Seeking Work

Hi. I’m Richard Taylor, a proud new permanent Ocracoke resident.

My wife, “Ms. Martha,” has been hired as the new 3rd grade teacher at Ocracoke School. Therefore, we have just moved here from Elizabeth City, where Martha taught 1st grade for years. We intend to be on this magical island for a decade or more and I plan to volunteer where I can.

For 30+ years I have worked as an electronics/communications technician in the design, wiring, installation, programming and service for low-voltage trades such as TV/cable/satellite/telephone/computer networking/security/audio-visual/cameras and home automation. I also have considerable electrical, plumbing, carpentry and general maintenance experience. I’m a writer/editor/photographer as well, but it’s hard to make ends meet by these avocations alone. And since there are almost no permanent Ocracoke jobs listed anywhere, I’m just going to have to create work for myself, like folks on this tiny paradise have done for years. I even like washing dishes. So if you might need any of my various services, or know any work I can do, please contact me at 252-562-4170 or PO Box 761, Ocracoke, 27960. Thanks.

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