Electric Light at the End of the Tunnel

New River EMC working on the complex and detailed process required to connect the new overhead cables to the grid. Thanks, y'all!
New River EMC working on the complex and detailed process required to connect the new overhead cables to the grid. Thanks, y'all!
Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative

Updated repair timeline for Ocracoke is now 3-5 Days; 2-3 days per Tideland.

Hyde County Update, August 2nd @ 5pm: Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative (CHEC) and contract crews have simultaneously pursued two options for restoring permanent transmission service to Hatteras and Ocracoke Islands, waiting for one solution to emerge as the fastest, safest way to restore reliable transmission service. They determined today that the overhead line solution would be that option. Crews began installing the three-phase line last night. While this work is ongoing, the New River transmission crew will be constructing the riser to make the connection to the overhead power lines.

CHEC has revised their main-line transmission repair estimate to 3-5 days, which includes testing and phasing of electrical load to the new overhead transmission lines. County officials are cautiously optimistic that visitors could be able to return to the island as early as Saturday, August 5. However, this would require that the island is fully powered by the main transmission lines.

Editor's Note: At 8pm, Tideland EMC and Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative updated the timeframe to "2-3 days out." See more below.

Loss information will continue to be collected from individuals and businesses, which will help the county to gauge the full economic impact of this event. The data collected forms will be available on the county website for those who were unable to visit the local disaster recovery center.

The Bread of Life Food Bank will be open tomorrow, August 3, from 9:00 am to 5:00pm, or until the food stocks are deplenished. The Albemarle Food Bank will be making contributions to this effort and continue to support the local food bank as the island recovers from this event. If you need food assistance, or if you wish to contribute financial or material support, the Bread of Life Food Bank is located at the Ocracoke Assembly of God Church; 459 Lighthouse Road; Ocracoke, NC 27960. More information about the Bread of Life Food Pantry can be found at http://www.ocracokeislandag.org/food-pantry.html

As previously stated, individuals who are requesting more information about the Ocracoke Island Mandatory Evacuation Order, who have general questions about the status of Ocracoke Island, or who are seeking authorization to travel to Ocracoke Island prior to the Mandatory Evacuation Order being lifted, should contact the Hyde County Emergency Operations Center at (252) 926-4374. Questions regarding access to, or information concerning, Hatteras Island should be directed to Dare County Emergency Management at (252) 475-5655. For the latest updates from Tideland EMC on electricity restoration, please visit their website or social media outlets. 

From Tideland EMC, August 2nd @ 8pm: Transmission Update: Now 2 to 3 days out

Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative (CHEC) made more headway on transmission restoration today.

Overhead ProgressCrews continued to construct the new overhead transmission line today. Lee Electrical Construction has installed all three cables needed for the overhead solution. New River Electrical is now working on the complex and detailed process required to connect these cables to the grid. The cooperative and contractors are working tirelessly to ensure that transmission restoration will happen as quickly and safely as possible.

Next Steps: Once construction of the new line is complete and all of the cables are connected, the next step will be for CHEC to energize the line. The new line will need to stay energized for 12 to 24 hours before the cooperative can begin to gradually introduce electrical load.

Timeframe: The restoration timeframe from this point forward is 2-3 days. This includes the time required for testing after all construction is complete and before transmission service can begin.

Thank You: There are many people, partners and businesses we would like to thank. We are very appreciative of the support of our members, visitors, contract crews and PCL Construction for leading the initial excavation.

Both CHEC and Tideland EMC are in daily meetings with their respective county officials to discuss the timing of evacuation order modifications. Until then both Hatteras and Ocracoke islands remain subject to mandatory evacuation orders for non-residents.

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