Fireworks Tonight!

The big event is FINALLY here!

2016 Ocracoke Fireworks
2016 Ocracoke Fireworks
Aaron Stiles
We are happy to announce that the weather looks perfect for tonight's fun times. Dive for the Oyster and Dig for the Clam (yes, those are real dance moves) at the Traditional Ocracoke Square Dance with Molasses Creek and Philip Howard from 6-8pm in the Community Square!

The Fireworks will be shot from the NPS parking lot (down by the boat ramp). Thanks to the National Park Service Rangers, Ocracoke Volunteer Fire Department, the Hyde County deputies, the Ferry Division, and the U.S. Coast Guard for all their work to make the bombs-bursting-in-air happen again this year!  

Deejay Tommy will start spinning tunes down by the NPS docks around 7pm until the Fireworks begin at 9:15-ish. (Gotta wait til that last ferry leaves Ocracoke and gets far enough out in the sound -- what a view they will have!) Tommy will resume playing music until 10pm, so there's no hurry to all leave the Fireworks viewing area all at once (avoid the Ocracoke traffic jam!)

Parking will be available at the Community Square after 8pm. Parking is also available at the Ocracoke Community Center across from the gas station.  The road will be closed on Hwy 12 past the intersection of British Cemetery Road for the fireworks. Please walk or bike! There will be some limited parking for golf carts. 

Tomorrow's events start early and go late! Check out the poster below for the schedule -- or pick up a copy of the Ocracoke Current's print edition, which also has the complete schedule. (And all-new stories that haven't been on the website!)

If you're headed down to see the Lighthouse or hike at Springer's Point, please note: Pastor Ivey Belch asked us to spread the word that the Ocracoke Assembly of God Church parking area is available for Springers Point & Lighthouse parking. There are two donation boxes if you would like to make a donation for parking. He says, "We all know how crowded those roads and areas can be. Let's help keep vehicles off the side of the road, keep our kids safe and have a safe 4th of July week!" 

Fireworks Tonight!

Let’s all have a safe and happy holiday and follow some common sense guidelines for fun:

  • Please walk facing traffic and bike with traffic.
  • Share the road and slow down!
  • Don’t drink and drive – there’s no excuse in a place this small! Walk home. Your car or golf cart will be there in the morning.
  • Remember: all personal fireworks are illegal on Ocracoke, in the village and on the beach.

Need more information? Call Sundae Horn at 252-921-0283.

Be safe and have fun! Happy 3rd of July!


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