"No Ferry Tolls" Update

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"No Ferry Tolls" Update

News from Ocracoke's hired lobbyists in the ferry tolls fight:

The NC House of Representatives passed its 2016 Budget bill (House Bill #1030) with language to delete ferry tolls on all ferries and provide for a separate income stream to purchase ferry vessels.   We appreciate the work of visionary members of the NC House who have not forgotten ferries are integral parts of coastal highways. The Budget work continues in the Senate. Senators are working quickly this week to respond to the House version of the 2016 Budget.

First, we are asking you to call or email your own state Senator and ask him or her to support the House approach to ferry funding.  Click here to find contact information for state Senators.  Click here if you are not sure which Senator represents you in Raleigh.

Second, call or email the Co-Chairmen of the Senate Appropriations Cttee. on Transportation: Senator Wesley Meredith and Senator Bill Rabon, who are leading the Senate’s work on the transportation section of the 2016 Budget.  Ask Senator Meredith and Senator Rabon to adopt the House approach to ferry funding and stop ferry tolls.

Third, call or email all members of the Senate Appropriations Cttee. on Transportation, who are now working together on the 2016 Transportation Budget:

Sen. Warren Daniel

Sen. Stan Bingham

Sen. Dan Blue

Sen. Joel Ford

Sen. Rick Gunn

Sen. Joyce Krawiec

With all Senators, ask them to adopt the House approach to ferry funding. Thank them for their service to North Carolina.  (Do not forward this email to a Senator. Call or write a new email to these Senators. Click on the name of the Senator for contact information. However, you may freely forward this email to other people who are interested in maintaining ferries without oppressive tolls!  Thank you for your cooperation and support.)

We continue to work to persuade these Senators, but they need to hear from interested citizens.  The House version of the transportation section of the Budget contains the most progressive and innovative approach to long-term ferry funding.  Healthy economic development in eastern and coastal North Carolina is the best answer to funding ferries as well as paying for all transportation needs.  Our ferries are part of our highway system, and the House Budget recognizes this reality.  Please help us communicate these truths quickly. 

Thank you for your continuing help and support.  Best regards, Henri and Joe McClees

Joseph D. McClees

S. Henri McClees

McClees Consulting, Inc.

PO Box 430

Oriental, NC 28571

Office (252) 249-1097

Fax (252) 249-3275


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