Cape Hatteras National Seashore Weekly Reports

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This is the last weekly report for the season. It hasn't changed since last week. We'll keep you posted if there are major changes.  

Editor's note: The Ocracoke Current will only post NPS Weekly Report information pertaining to Ocracoke. To learn about the rest of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, or to get your ORV permit, click here.

Summary Mileage Table - As of 10/15/2014

Ocracoke Total Ocean and Inlet Shoreline: 17.87

Open to ORV's: 6.78 miles

Temporarily Closed for Resource Manangement: 0.39

Open to Pedestrians Only: 10.69

Ramp Accessibility: 

Ramp 59: Open to ORV's and Pedestrians

Ramp 67: Open to ORV's and Pedestrians

Ramp 68: Closed to ORV's; Open to Pedestrians

Ramp 70: Open to ORV's and Pedestrians

Ramp 72: Open to ORV's and Pedestrians

Cape Hatteras National Seashore
Resource Management Field Summary for October 15, 2014

*All numbers are preliminary and the data will be reviewed before they are finalized.*

Sea Turtle Nests and False Crawls:



# Nests

# False Crawls

# Nests Excavated



Ocracoke Island








Night Driving: The Seashore’s Off-Road Vehicle special regulation states that from September 15 to November 15, night driving is allowed on ORV routes, or portions thereof, with no turtle nests remaining.  A permit is required for any off-road vehicle use in the National Seashore.

On-site signage is the most accurate and current indication of areas that are open to public access or closed to entry.  Closed areas are clearly marked.

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