Letter to the Editor: Passenger Ferries?

There are under discussion transportation developments that would have major effect on Ocracoke and its way of life.

NCDOT and Ferry Division is seriously considering introducing passenger ferries  as a partial alternative to the current car ferries used in the Hatteras-Ocracoke runs. These boats would deliver travelers directly to and from the Silver Lake terminus. Other considerations are in the mix, including a trolley. [See the Ocracoke Current articles about passenger ferries here and here.]

Ferry Division is holding public meetings on the second (usually) Monday of each month at 1:00 PM, at the Firehouse, at which these and other options are up for discussion.

The next meeting is to be on 20 October. Try to attend.

There are numerous spinoffs of these themes that will affect us, and we must ponder these thoroughly, thinking outside the box. This is not merely about getting people to and from the island, but also the impact on businesses (both plus and minus), beach use, fishing, possible reduction in car ferry schedule and routing, and more.

It is imperative that we ferret out the unintended, and the unexpressed, consequences of this. One can foresee there will be no trial period – once launched, no turning back. 

Don't miss out on these opportunities to study, to learn and to participate in Ocracoke's future.

Fred Westervelt, Ocracoke

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