Get the Chickens Out of the Yard

Jenny Scarborough

In a rare display of government trusting private citizens,

Hyde officials are encouraging a voluntary evacuation of Ocracoke Island. Let's not make them regret this.

Ask yourself some questions: Do I need to be here? How long am I comfortable without a hot shower? Do I want to be trapped in a hotel room for eighteen hours while it relentlessly rains and blows outside? Is electricity necessary? Am I willing for a small medical problem to become a big one, because help is far away? Can I keep myself safe from accidents? When that last ferry leaves, will I feel an exquisite sensation of stillness, or panic from the isolation? Do I have people here that are going to care for me and check in with me? Does standing water freak me out? Is this storm scary? Do I fear for my life? Do I enjoy it when buildings shudder around me and it is dark, even in daytime? Do I have someplace I absolutely must be early next week? When should I get the chickens out of the yard?

Do I expect my comforts will somehow be provided for, because I am on vacation? Does my cottage have a jigsaw puzzle with at least 1000 pieces? Do I habitually tune into 90.1 FM for storm updates? Is Ocracoke an adventure? Could I survive on Ocracoke without food drops? Am I a competitive beachcomber? Do I like parading around, with no one watching? Do I feel a sense of camaraderie and safety on Ocracoke? Am I a fool for thinking that?






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