Visitors Asked to Just Hold It

Jenny Scarborough

Recognizing that visitors to Ocracoke are made of sterner stuff than the average vacationer, the island's Occupancy Tax Board decided not to fund public restrooms for the third straight year.

Visitors Asked to Just Hold It
Most businesses on Ocracoke are so gracious and accommodating when asked to use their restroom facilities that it just seemed unnecessary, said a board member.

The plans for the restrooms are in place. They're eco-friendly, and at this point, private property owners are willing to donate land.

A one time investment of $50,000 plus a small yearly sum to cover cleaning is a staggering amount, said the Occupancy Tax Board member. "We have over three quarters of a million dollars in a reserve fund that we're planning to spend, but this project clearly doesn't make the cut. After all, the occupancy tax is essentially a tax on tourists, and is intended to fund services for them," he said.

"I think most tourists would agree that it's better to spend $30,000 a year to advertise Ocracoke," said another board member, who pointed out that the island is at its most appealing when it's teeming with people. "That's really the type of quality visitor we're looking to attract," she said.

"Our marketing angle this year is that we're a renegade resort town that breaks all the rules of hospitality," said a third board member.

None of the world's great destinations offer comfortable, convenient places to pee, observed visitor Mark Shannon from Northern Virgina. "I love it here. I want to live here someday," he said.

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