OCBA MInutes from August

Ocracoke Civic and Business Association Minutes DRAFT (to be approved at the Sept. 11, 2013, meeting) Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2013; Ocracoke Community Center

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m. by Vice-President Clayton Gaskill. Board members present: Clayton Gaskill, Carol Pahl, Connie Leinbach, Jim Borland

Minutes: A motion to approve the June minutes was made by Janey Jacoby and seconded by Jim Borland. Motion approved and carried.

Treasurer’s report: Carol Pahl reported for June and July. Beginning cash balance was $46,647; the CD is $35,124. There was $17,951 in income. Expenses for two months were $19,695 for an ending cash balance of $44,903. Including the CD, the ending total balance is $69,433.

SIDCO Funding request: Mel Covey of Hatteras Village and Earl O’Neal attended on behalf of SIDCO to explain their current projects. Mr. Covey explained that there are several artifacts on shipwrecks off Ocracoke worth recovering, specifically on the Frederick Walton, also known as The Ghost Ship, which has local connections as having been the home of the Gaskins, and which sank in 1899 on Hog Shoal. These artifacts could be on view either in Ocracoke or the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum. Mr. Covey, a diver, said he would like the diving group to get into the captain’s quarters of this ship and the personal effects left by the Gaskins’.

1869 is the first dated artifact they have recovered, and this is a shipwreck with a local connection. It could be a resource to take students to. A motion to award SIDCO $1,500 with the condition the group shares photos and some kind of accounting as to how the $1,500 was spent was made by Ann Ehringhaus and seconded by Janey Jacoby. Motion approved and carried. This funding request will have a final vote on this funding request at the September meeting.

Travel & Tourism Director report: Sundae Horn reported that she fielded 61 calls and 34 emails from last month. She met with two men on the Scenic Byways marketing team. She has been counting up the hotel rooms available on the island. There are 280 total hotel rooms; 430 cottages, 55 B&B rooms, which all can hold a total of about 3500 people. Day trippers number 5,000 daily. Ocracoke Island Realty reports that spring was weak, but was that due to the ferry situation, roads not accessible, beach permits? The state Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing department will be on the island the week of Sept. 27 and wants to hold a workshop in the Community Center under our aegis so that they don’t have to pay this fee. A motion for OCBA sponsor this was made by Sundae and seconded by Earl O’Neal. Motion approved and carried.OBCA Aug. 14, 2013, minutes. Cont.

Sundae also will work on getting more Ocracoke coverage on OBX Voice. A discussion ensued about the NC Ferry Division press releases on canceled ferry runs being sent far and wide (as far as Kansas City) with the implication that Ocracoke is closed.

The group agreed to send a letter to Timothy Hass, PIO for the Ferry Division, about this. Other misinformation about Ocracoke was discussed and the group agreed that we need a cohesive front to promote the island and an advertising plan. With a plan, we can go to the Occupancy Tax Board and request their collaboration. Sundae also noted that there were 1,000 fewer day trippers on ferries in June. The group also agreed that the draft meeting minutes can be published on The Current prior to the meeting in which they would be approved.

NPS Report: none County commissioner update: none County Manager update: none

New Business:

Can the OCBA approach the county about replacing the street signs for the safety of the community?

Letter to NC DOT about the edges of the roads: loose gravel and rain can cause bikers to fall. We need to send a thank-you letter to NC Ferry Division for fixing the shoaling problem in Hatteras Inlet after the Army Corps of Engineers finished but did not complete the job.

Old Business: the SetUp Events Triatlon request was tabled while we gather more info from the community. Moral Monday will take place Aug. 19 in Festival Park. Several from Ocracoke are planning to attend.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Connie Leinbach, Secretary


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