Police Blotter 7/8/2013

Jenny Scarborough

The fourth of July parade went off well, said Sergeant Daniels.

"It did not have a big huge gap. That's due to our new deputy and planning." Daniels credits the foresight of parade organizer Robert Raborn and the lead driving of Deputy Jaren Mutro.

In the two weeks since the last Caught on the 'Coke, three DWI arrests were made by Hyde Deputies on Ocracoke. One of those involved a pedestrian being struck at the intersection near the Slushy Stand just before 7 p.m. on July 4. A 15 year-old, visiting from Fuquay-Varina with his Eagle Scout Troop, suffered scrapes and bruises but did not have to be transported to the hospital, according to First Sergeant Brandon Craft of NC Highway Patrol, which investigated the incident.

A 20 year old driver from Chocowinity was arrested and charged with DWI by Hyde deputies. Highway Patrol served tickets for driving with alcohol while under 21, and a failure to reduce speed.

If someone is injured, call 911. That is the quickest way to get a person help, said Daniels. Don't waste valuable minutes calling local deputies when EMS services are needed. Call 911. Also, teach your toddler to call 911, as it could save your life.

Do call any of the deputies with questions. "We want to be accessible to the community," said Daniels. The general phone number will reach an on-duty deputy. If you feel more comfortable talking to a specific deputy, call their work number. "I might be out in my boat. William may be off island hunting, but we'll get back to you," said Daniels.

A July 5th license check point was "a big success," said Sergeant Jason Daniels. Because of the stop, "There were a bunch of drunk drivers that did not drive in the village that afternoon."

Hyde deputies and NPS rangers assisted six highway patrolmen during the late afternoon check point that lasted about two hours. Three DWI arrests and one drug possession charge were made at that time. 33 citations were written for seat belt violations, 3 for lack of child restraint, and 5 for no operators license, reported First Sergeant Craft.

Having a lot of law enforcement bodies work a check point makes for a steadier flow of traffic, less inconvenience, and keeps it safer for everyone, said Daniels. Four of the six troopers caught an evening ferry on Friday, and two spent the night before leaving on Saturday.

People need to get smarter and never drive after drinking, which is "senseless," said Daniels.

On Saturday, July 6 around 11:30 a.m. deputies responded to call reporting a missing golf cart. The cart belonging to an island business was found wrecked in a ditch off Highway 12, just shy of the NPS Campground. Security cameras at island businesses aided the investigation, and a NC resident in his early 20s was charged with larceny and three separate counts of injury to property.

Some visitors who legally obtained the golf carts they were driving received citations as well. Three citations were written for lack of proper child restraints. Citations were also written for underage drivers in golf carts. If deputies see a golf cart driver who "for sure looks 12, we're going to check them," said Daniels. The parents or guardians of the underage driver receive that ticket.

Hyde County ordinance states that every passenger in a golf cart must have and use a seat. You can't be hanging off the cart or standing on the back, said Daniels. The impulse to ride standing up transcends demographics, and tickets have been written to all different kinds and ages of people for this violation.

The good golf cart news? Deputies are seeing fewer violations than they have in the past few years. Daniels credits continued education about the ordinance. "The golf cart rental people are doing an outstanding job of getting the information out there."

Deputies investigated several fender benders and wrote reports. These dings tend to happen in crowded parking lots. Use caution and take advantage of extra sets of eyes when backing up.

Three citations were written for passing on the right. Take a deep breath and a reflective pause. Don't pass on the right.

Two citations were written for driving with a revoked license.

As always, the majority of stops made by Hyde deputies resulted in warnings.

All four of Ocracoke's deputies attended a four hour class hosted by Hotline about domestic violence. "It was useful, a good course," said Daniels.


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