Young Entrepreneurs

Elsie, Savannah, Sebastian, Finn and Eli.
Elsie, Savannah, Sebastian, Finn and Eli.

Summer jobs start early for Ocracoke kids.

Sebastian and Savannah's lemonade stand on Back Road, across from Zillie's, will be in business all summer. Hours will vary widely.

Elsie and Finn stopped by to visit their friends and stayed to help. "Lemonade!" the staff of six, seven and "almost eight" year olds yelled at passing pedestrians, cyclists, golf carts and cars. Four year old Eli was more into riding his trike. Elsie placed the cubes of ice into the cups, Sebastian and Savannah poured the drink and manned the cash box, and Finn handled marketing.

"They're making a killing," said Jen White, who invested $15 in start up money. She was enjoying a "special lemonade for Moms," from a recipe passed down through generations of her family. 

People who pulled to the side of the road received curbside service. A tourist crossed the street to add a dollar to the cash box, even though he didn't want lemonade.

The entrepreneurs have plans for how they will spend their profits: "Ice cream!" they shouted in unison.

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