Summer Season Begins

Jenny Scarborough

Preventing accidents and pro-active enforcement is important, said Sergeant Jason Daniels.

Since the season kicked off over Memorial Day weekend, several tickets were written for lack of proper child restraints in golf carts. Everyone at any age should wear seat belts, said Daniels.

Two DWIs and a handful of speeding tickets have also been written in the past two weeks.

"Most DWIs are coming from golf carts," said Sergeant Daniels. If you get stopped in a golf cart while on Ocracoke and have had too much to drink, you will get charged with a DWI. Please don't forget that the same traffic laws apply to electric vehicles.

Responsible bicycle riders have and use a light at night. "We see a lot of near misses," because cyclists are not visible, said Daniels. "Get a headlight," he added.

If deputies have to stop you multiple times to refresh your memory of this law, you may find yourself in possession of a citation for an improper equipment violation. These are expensive tickets. With the fine and court costs totaling $263, a bike light is not only a wise investment in your safety, it is also financially prudent.

Another illuminating fact? Pedestrians may not legally have open containers of liquor. Since Memorial Day, at least one intoxicated visitor ambling in and out of traffic received a citation due to the contents of his solo cup. Open container charges include a mandatory court date.

"We don't want to see liquor on the roadway," said Daniels.

If you may be a hazard to yourself or others, or are simply feeling a bit louche, Round Creek Rickshaws or Javier's Fast Taxi Service are excellent ways to get around town, pointed out Daniels. Ask your bartender how to reach them. They know.

Excessive alcohol consumption played a role in two disturbance calls. These were "basically fights" and both parties were issued charges for simple affray, explained Daniels. An affray is a fight in a public place that disturbs others. Since one affray involved a person of the milder sex, an assault on a female charge was issued.

Better case scenario? Head home for the night before your behavior grows tetchy.

Ocracoke deputies subpoenaed a few parties to court, but have otherwise not had a lot of paperwork lately, said Daniels.

"A very dangerous thing we don't need to happen" is passing on the right, said Daniels. "We did write some of those tickets." Passing on the right on single lane highways often has regrettable, and sometimes fatal, consequences. Don't do it.

The vast majority of vacationers and residents do not appear in Caught on the 'Coke.

"Today was a beautiful day on the island. People were swimming, and catching fish," said Daniels, with a distinct glow of pleasure in his voice. He reminded Ocracoke Current to also "talk about all the good stuff" that happens every day on Ocracoke Island.


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