Letter to the Editor: Fuel Supply on Ocracoke

The management at Ocracoke Station has allowed the Regular Unleaded 87 octane (cheap stuff) run out.

Ocracoke Station has plenty of unleaded fuel but only in the Premium Unleaded option (expensive stuff).
At this moment if we order a fresh load of Regular Unleaded fuel it will cost more per gallon than the Premium we now have on hand (the current expensive stuff). It is our plan to allow the Hatteras Ferry to resume some kind of schedule to offset freight as well as hope that refinery prices will wane a bit before we order another load of fuel.

Ocracoke Station last purchased fuel more than 3 weeks ago. Now we will have to purchase at more current prices and therefore have chosen to try and wait to see if they do level or come down slightly as well as to take advantage of a potential lower freight cost if the Hatteras ferry resumes a schedule.

At this moment we have plenty of Premium Unleaded Fuel and Highway Diesel Fuel to possibly wait for the above scenarios to happen.

Ocracoke Station thanks the entire community for all of your support and patience during these challenging logistical times.
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