Police Blotter 1/22/2013

Jenny Scarborough

There have been no crime sprees on Ocracoke thus far in the new year.

There are but three cases on the court docket this month, and the department has not been writing many tickets, either, said Sergeant Jason Daniels. He said he was cruising around the north end about 3:45 pm on Tuesday afternoon, and that the island was "quiet," "slow," and "nice."

"There's not been much traffic out at night," said Daniels.

Hunting parties have been behaving like gentlemen, aiming only at the birds.

Police were called on the 19th when a visitor's body was discovered after he failed to check out of his room. The 53 year old man had not been seen since he arrived on the 16th, said Daniels. Officers suspect no foul play, and the record indicates that it was an "unattended death." The man's family was notified, and his body was sent to an off island medical examiner.

After several complaints, Ocracoke officers are enforcing a law that says you can't park within 25 of a stop sign. Stop pulling up at the bank and parking in front of the stop sign, people.

When cars are in the road, blocking the stop sign, "People have to get out in Highway 12 to look for oncoming traffic. There is going to be a head on collision. Park 25 feet from that stop sign, or you will be subject to citation," said Daniels. "It's got to stop."

Parking further up, where a vehicle can be pulled fully off the roadway is fine. Daniels also pointed out that many drivers habitually park in front of the stop sign, dash in to do their banking, and then end up driving through the ECB parking lot to exit, anyway. Just go ahead and park between the lines, next to one of the napping bank cats.

The bank has nothing to do with the complaints, which Daniels has heard from residents who live along the road. He also said officers were emphasizing stopping at stop signs, rather than doing a slow roll past.

Stay safe. Stay warm, and do your part to lick crime until the next installment of Caught on the 'Coke.



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