Busted! December 2 - January 5

Jenny Scarborough

Park Rangers continue to patrol after seasonal visitors have left.

In the last month of 2012, beach goers were reminded that dogs in the National Park must be leashed.  10 warnings were verbal; 7 were written; and one pet owner received a violation notice, or citation, for having a free range pet.

Ocracoke may slow down in the winter, but not all drivers do.  13 speeding drivers were admonished verbally; 11 were handed a strongly worded paper; and 9 can opt to pay a fine or have their day in court.

Two violation notices were issued for not having a valid driver's license, and one warning was written for that offense.

One violation notice was written for a closure violation.

During the past month, rangers made contact with 16 people whose vehicles were in the park without the $50 or $120 Off Road Vehicle Permit.  11 warnings were verbal, 5 were written.  The new year means beach drivers need to renew their ORV permits.

One golf cart was caught venturing beyond the village onto federally administered land.  The driver received a verbal warning.

Warnings were also issued to a motorcyclist without a helmet and a person camping illegally on park land.

Busted on the Beach will appear monthly, rather than weekly, during the winter.


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