Insanity or Ecstasy? Polar Bear Plunge

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Caroline, Emmet, Luke, Emily, William, Craig, Jenny, Nancy, Anmargaret, Blackburn, Ann, Daphne, Joan and John -- pre-plunge.
Caroline, Emmet, Luke, Emily, William, Craig, Jenny, Nancy, Anmargaret, Blackburn, Ann, Daphne, Joan and John -- pre-plunge.

Fourteen Ocracoke residents swam in the cold Atlantic on New Year's Day.

The plunge was organized this year by Jenny Scarborough, who hopes it will become an annual event. She also reported being refreshed by the swim and not at all ready to get out of the water.  

"I could've stayed in longer – it felt great!" she declared.

John and Joan Crowe were the two oldest participants. 

"We need pictures to prove to our kids we did this," said Joan. 

Lucky for them, Brian Carter of Carter Photography (and his lovely wife, Jamie) were on the scene, along with the Current. You can see Brian's photos on his Facebook page.

Daphne Bennink posted her thanks on the event's Facebook page and said that the plunge "was by far the most exciting thing I've done this year."

Jenny was surprised and happy with the turn-out. She's already making plans for a bonfire and hot chocolate next year. 

Run, crazy people, run!
Run, crazy people, run!
Insanity or Ecstasy?  Polar Bear Plunge

Original article posted by Jenny:

Designer, bartender, and rocker girl Jessie Morrissey inaugurated the event on the island last year.

She is not on the island for the holiday, but admitted in an email:  "I did try to convince anyone and everyone last year to jump into the frigid waters on New Years day to cleanse our weary souls. The only one crazy enough to take me up on the offer was Brett [Evans]....of all people. But it was fantastic, and I do wish I would be there to lead the pack this year."

Jessie started something that can't be stopped.  Swimmers and encouraging onlookers are invited to gather at the campground beach at 1 p.m.  Everyone is welcome. 

Former Ocracoke School teacher David Senseney swam in the ocean every single day during the 1989-1990 school year.  He said he never felt better in his life.  Cold water swimming is popular the world over.  The Polar Bear Club in Coney Island, New York hosts a New Year's Day event with thousands of participants. 

I'm hoping for a more modest turn out.  If ten people run into the ocean with me, I'll consider it a triumph.  The water temperature is in the low 50s, and the forecast for New Year's Day is 52 and raining.  You're going to be wet anyway, so why not take the plunge? 

Bring warm synthetic or wool clothes to wrap up in after the swim.  This link should help answer any questions, including the one about shrinkage. 



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