Busted! Early October

Jenny Scarborough

NPS Rangers issued the normal warnings, and a few novel ones.

In the past two weeks, nine warnings and three violation notices were written for speeding. 

One routine stop resulted a violation notice for possessing drug paraphernalia. 

Two violation notices were written for having open containers of alcohol in vehicles. 

Five warnings were issued for driving at night, which remains restricted until the last sea turtle nests of the season have hatched. 

Dogs must be on leashes.  NPS Rangers had seven conversations to that effect with pet owners. 

One violation notice was written for a weapons violation.  While duck hunting is allowed in season, discharging firearms in the park is illegal.  It is not a shooting range. 

26 warnings were given to drivers without ORV permits.  Even after driving past two signs, people seem not to be aware of the law, which went into effect February 15, 2012, said Ranger Ed Fuller.  After the law has been in place for a year, enforcement officers will likely write more violation notices and issue fewer warnings, said Fuller.

Six golf carts were asked to turn around after leaving the village boundaries.  "South Point road seems to draw them right to it," noted Fuller. 

One beach driver entered a pedestrian only area of the beach and was given a warning. 

Two dolphins stranded on Ocracoke beach, believed to have been drowned in and then cut free of off shore fishing nets, were recovered by NOAA for necropsies.  Dolphin carcasses are enormous and smelly, reported one island resident who volunteered to help move the mammals.


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