Letter to the Editors: Clean it Up

Dear Ocracoke Current,

I am writing you concerning an on going problem with people letting their pets use my property to do their business with no intention of cleaning it up. This is not just a problem for me, I have witnessed people letting their dogs poop on other properties and moving on with the thought of "I didn't know you had to do that" as if they didn't know they were responsible for cleaning up after their pet. So I'm here to tell you, when you walk your pet after being inside a period of time, most likely it's going to go # 1, # 2 and or both. Now for those folks that take their pet out for there daily poop and you don't have the proper equpment with you to dispose of that matter, you are the very ones I'm referring to. Please have respect for my and other people's property by being responsible for your pet. Clean it up, I believe it's the law.

Nathan E Spencer
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