Park Benefit a Great Success!

Park Benefit a Great Success!

We would like to thank everyone that put both their time and money into making the Aug. 10th Community Square Extravaganza happen.

It was a tremendous success on so many different levels.  We are very pleased to have been able to raise $3,000 for the Ocracoke Youth Center and the athletic field and hope that this has brought both awareness and excitement for the Park's future fundraising.  The event was also successful because it was evidence of the community's willingness to work, collaborate and "pitch in" both on and off the field.  The support clearly showed what the community both wants and needs.

We would also like to thank all of the individuals, friends and families that came out to eat some fish, drink some beers, and listen to the music.  This, obviously, was the other half of the success.

If we have missed anyone please, our deepest apologies and don't hesitate to let us know.  This could of never been pulled off without the help and cooperation of everyone so any exclusions is unacceptable.  Thanks again and we look forward to next season!


Hills To Holy Water Productions – Michael Kalna, The Mrozkowski's, Leticia Renee Angel, Michael O'Neal, Shea Broussard, and the Kalna Family. We can be reached at attention Michael

Hills To Holy Water: A trans-North Carolinian production with the goal to raise awareness and financial support through the arts for local organizations whose focus is to build... strong ties for strong communities.  

Business Sponsorships

Ground Roll Double:

Albert Styron Store, OHI Management

Home Run:

Gregory & Eden Honeycutt, Pony Island Motel, Slushy Stand, Island Ragpicker, Ocracoke Island Trading Co., 

Grand Slam:

Jolly Roger Pub & Marina, Ride the Wind, The Harborside Motel & Gift Shop, 

Food & Service Support

Ocracoke Parasail, Ocracoke Station, Fat Boy's Fish Co., OWWA, The Flying Melon Cafe, Village Print, Ocracoke Foundation, The businesses of the Community Square,  Blue Heron Realty, Weeping Radish Brewery, Outer Banks Brewing Station,  Ocracoke Coffee Co., Jason's Restaurant, Gaffer's, Dajio's, Jack Willis Jr. Sound and Lights, Mike Johnson, NCCAT,  Eduardo's Taco Stand, Sysco (Cliff), Mickey's Sales & Service (Irving), Ocracoke School, Ocracoke Foundation, The Variety Store, OVFD, WOVV, Ocracoke EMS, Hyde County Sheriff's Dept., Ocracoke Current, Ocracoke Observer

Local Volunteers:

Fish caught and cleaned by:

Farris O'Neal, Eric O'Neal, Carl O'Neal, David Scott Esham, Dylan & Damon Esham, Jamie Jackson, Keith Gaskins

Event Volunteers: 

Kimberly Hanson, Farris O'Neal, Kim Spera, Daniel, Laura Michaels, William Howard, Percy Guidry, Brad, Nick Piland, Garick Kalna, Ryan McCuaig, Tyler Gilbert, Corey & Pete from Cincinnati, Nathan Modlin, Micah Bassell, Eduardo, Bob Chestnut, Robin Payne, Brian Sammock, Billy Moseley, Echo Bennink, Dalton Kalna, Macky Kalna, James Paul, Kelton, Guisette, Rico, Jubal Creech, Jamieson

The Bands:

Jon Lea & Friends

Bob Funck


The Dye Wells

Park Benefit a Great Success!
Park Benefit a Great Success!
Park Benefit a Great Success!
Park Benefit a Great Success!
Park Benefit a Great Success!
Park Benefit a Great Success!
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