Busted! 8/23/2012

Jenny Scarborough

Please take a moment to study the ample signage before entering the National Seashore.

It will help you avoid being busted on the beach.

Two drivers who allowed passengers to ride on the running boards and rear bumpers of SUVs received violation notices for unsafe operations. 

One was written up for speeding, and four drivers were warned not to make haste through the park.  Slow down, and enjoy the scenic landscape, lest you make an unwilling investment in the grinding gears of justice. 

Runners at the Hammock Hills Nature Trail were surprised to see a tent and hear the thwack of a hatchet against a tree one morning last week.  They alerted NPS Rangers, who issued violation notices to two vacationing men for illegal camping and destruction of natural vegetation.  The sanctioned campground is across the street from the nature trail. 

Four legal campers were reminded to respect the campground rules about noise and safely managing fires.

Three warnings were issued for night driving, and three for dogs off leash. 

A new record, of 20, was set for drivers who were stopped on the beach without ORV permits.  All received warnings.  The law is still new, and the process of education is ongoing, said Ranger Ed Fuller.

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