Busted! Early August Bonanza.

Jenny Scarborough

In a karmic world, misbehavior catches up to you.

On Ocracoke, sometimes the law does.  And reminds you to slow it down.  In the first two weeks of August, four violation notices were written for speeding in the National Seashore.  Nine warnings were given to the lead-footed.

Not everyone under the age of 21 has mastered the arts of subterfuge and discretion.   One incident on the beach led to two tickets being written for underage possession of alcohol, and one violation notice for giving alcohol to people not of legal drinking age. 

Children under 80 pounds or 8 years of age must be safely secured in moving vehicles.  One violation notice was written for violating this statute.

The driver of an unregistered dirt bike received a written citation.

Allowing an unlicensed driver to operate a vehicle on the beach resulted in a violation notice for one visitor.

Five free-spirited canines caught the attention of Rangers.  Their owners were reminded that pets in the park need to be leashed.

Warnings were issued for building a fire in an undesignated area, indecent exposure, and allowing passengers to ride on the open tailgate of a vehicle. 

Four golf carts ventured on NPS administered land, and were told to return to the village.

There are rules at the campground.  You agree to them when you check in.  Five campers were reminded of this.

Beach rides have to end by 9 p.m., and may not commence until 7 a.m.  Five drivers were warned to respect the seasonal closures.

35 drivers were stopped on the beach and directed to visit the permit office before returning to the seashore with their vehicle.

"There are a lot of people here, no doubt about it," said Ranger Ed Fuller.

That's who got busted on the beach in the first half of August.  Ocracoke Current will resume our weekly updates of NPS Ranger reports next week.



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