Police Blotter 7/23/2012

Jenny Scarborough

Criminal activity remains low on Ocracoke Island!

"Not much is going on," said Sergeant Jason Daniels. 

Ocracoke officers are seeing fewer open containers in golf carts, and continue to educate people that golf carts are subject to the same laws as other vehicles. 

Visitors seem to be having a harder time understanding that passing on the right is dangerous and illegal.  If there is a double yellow line on your left, it defies common sense to think that means you should instead run off the road to get around a slower vehicle, said Daniels.  The department issues a citation for passing on the right just about every day. 

An Ocracoke deputy assisted with a polygraph test administered in Greenville, NC as part of an 3 week old investigation.  A warrant for misdemeanor sexual assualt has been issued, and the man charged is expected to turn himself in, said Daniels. 

On Friday, July 20 officers assisted EMS and NPS with a drowning.  The victim was Seth Rosen, a 55 year old labor leader from Ohio.   The Cleveland Plain Dealer covered the story.

On Sunday afternoon officers were called to the campground beach in another incident where a swimmer's safety was at risk.  Everybody was okay, said Daniels.

The tension of packing and getting to the ferry on time led to a loud family argument, which led to officers being called to a domestic dispute on Saturday morning.  Everything had calmed down when police arrived, and no crimes were committed, said Daniels.  

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