Busted! 7/19/2012

Jenny Scarborough

The first warning of the season for littering on the beach was issued.

A Park Ranger gave the warning, as did your parents, your elementary school teachers, and a sad native American man who just wants to keep America beautiful. 

Ranger Ed Fuller said one violation notice was written for speeding on Highway 12.  Three other zippy drivers were told to slow it down. 

15 warnings were issued for not having an ORV permit. 

Four pet owners needed to put a leash on it. 

Four visitors to Ocracoke's National Seashore received warnings that they were in violation of open container laws.  Wait until you park the truck before you pop open that delicious fermented beverage.

Riding a bike without a helmet before the age of 16 is illegal.  One warning was issued for that crime. 


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