Busted! 6/28/2012

Summer is in full swing at the National Seashore.

Last week a man from Winterville, NC was charged with DUI and having an open container.  Two other vacationers were charged with violating open container laws, but were not legally intoxicated.  One person was warned not to go down that path.

One ticket and one warning were issued for resource closure violations. 

Unsafe operations of a vehicle led to two violation notices.  Doing doughnuts, riding on the tailgate, standing up in jeeps that are underway, ghost driving:  these are all choices that will result in a ticket for unsafe operations, because they are unsafe.

One eager driver was charged with speeding.  Three were warned to slow down.

Four warnings--a record low for Busted on the Beach--were issued for not having an ORV permit.

Man's best friend is not at liberty to roam free in the park.  Three unleashed dogs were reminded to have their owners put them on a leash.


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