Police Blotter 6/21/2012

Jenny Scarborough

Summer crowds kept officers busy last week.

Three people, in separate instances, were charged with simple possession of marijuana as well as (surprise!) possession of drug paraphernalia.  The charge includes a mandatory court appearance.  A judge determines the penalty based on record, said Corporal Matthew Sitterson.

Leaving your bike unlocked is a nice idea, in theory.  In reality, people are all too willing to pedal off on a cruiser not their own.  Two bikes were reported stolen last week.  Neither has been recovered.

A pocketbook reported stolen was returned with everything intact later that day.  The victim and alleged thief are acquaintances, and both were under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident.  "The property was returned.  No one is pursuing charges.  Case closed," said Sitterson. 

A local person who had been assaulted made a report.  "The victim did not want to press charges, but did want to alert the Sheriff's office," said Sitterson. 

Officers made a report of a vehicle accident that occurred on the ferry.  An opened door damaged a neighboring car.  Use caution when entering or exiting your vehicle.  Wind can and will catch your door and raise your insurance premiums.

Ocracoke police responded to a call from Ocracoke Station, which reported a malt beverage stolen.  Deputies got a description of two male subjects, and located them near Topless Oyster Restaurant.  They were detained, questioned, and charged with larceny.  The property was not returned, because it had been consumed.  Reparations to Ocracoke Station were made by the parents of the young men, who were less than happy with the choices the teens had made.

A citation was issued for passing on the right. 

Officers made contact with the owner of a vehicle who got out of his car to talk with someone nearby.  After stopping in the road, he neither activated his emergency flashers nor took advantage of available parking.  "There were plenty of places to park," said Sitterson.  The man received a citation for parking in a roadway.

Large vehicles, especially those with surf rod and cooler racks, sometimes overwhelm small parking lots and protrude in the road.  When that happens, officers try to find the owners and ask them to move it, said Sitterson.

Last week several speeding tickets and one for open container were written.

In the wee hours of Monday morning a bag of soil was taken from a pallet in The Variety Store parking lot and hurled at the window of the ABC store.  Sitterson said an investigation into the incident is on-going.  He could not speculate on the motivation for such behavior without contributing to the rumor mill.

Corporal Sitterson shared a few reports from earlier weeks that were overlooked by Caught on the 'Coke.

Over the Ocrafolk Festival weekend, when "cars were parked everywhere," a hit and run was reported on Ocean Road, which winds behind the former Boyette House.  "The complainant stated that her vehicle was damaged but no one reported it," said Sitterson. 

On June 6 a man was arrested and charged with assault on a female.  It was not a domestic situation. 

As the long days slowly grow shorter and summer heats up, the Sheriff's Department reminds drivers not to get behind the wheel after drinking. 

"We can't stress enough:  No open containers on golf carts," said Sitterson.  "Golf carts are a mode of transportation, not an amusement ride."


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