Busted! 6/18/2012

Jenny Scarborough

NPS Rangers on Ocracoke typically issue more warnings than citations.

A few people took strides outside the bounds of the law and were written violation notices.  One person walked into a resource closure.  The violation was "blatant," said Ranger Ed Fuller of the Ocracoke District.  "This was not someone trying to walk in water below the shoreline.  They were deep in the closure." 

A visiting man received a DUI violation on property administered by NPS.

Five drivers were stopped for speeding; two of them received notices to pay a fine or appear in court.

A ranger made contact with two teenaged drivers operating golf carts in an unsafe way in the down base parking lot.  The teenagers received warnings, and their parents were informed. 

Eight drivers without ORV permits got a reminder from rangers.

Dogs must be leashed in the National Seashore.  Last week, rangers saw two that were not, and spoke to the owners.

Golf carts can not operate outside the boundaries of the village.  The National Park boundary begins at South Point Road.  One golf cart driver taking a cruise was told to head back to town.

Resist the temptation to spend the night in NPS parking lots.  This is considered camping in an unauthorized area.  Rangers informed the owners of an RV of where they could find sanctioned camping areas. 




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