Advice Fathers Give

Jenny Scarborough

Dads impart lots of wisdom.  Some of it sticks with us.

In honor of Father's Day, I asked Ocracoke residents to share what lessons they learned from their fathers.

"Watch out for them dingbatters.  No, seriously, he wanted us to be fair and honest."

"My Dad told me that men are liars, so don't ever put yourself in a situation that would cause you to get into trouble."

"Save your pennies."

"Live life every day and don't worry too much about the future."

"Drink good wine, but don't spend too much."

"Respect women.  Always work hard."

"My Dad said to always be a gentleman; be nice to people.  That's the way he was."

"Never be the drunkest or the last to leave a party."

"When life gets tough, set yourself up for small successes.  Better things will start to happen."

"I remember my Dad painting the kitchen cabinets, the kind with small windows.  He painted all of them perfectly.  When he was finished, he put a little paint on one of the glass panes.  I asked him why.  He said, 'This will give your mother something to complain about.  I'll scrape it off, and then she'll be happy.'  I'm not sure what I learned from that, but it's always stuck with me."

Please feel free to use the comments to share what your dad taught you!


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