Busted! 6/12/2012

Jenny Scarborough

NPS Rangers continue to remind people driving on the beach to get an ORV Permit.

Ten warnings were issued last week. Weekly permits cost $50; yearly permits cost $120. They are available at the permit office behind the NPS Visitor Center near the Swan Quarter and Cedar Island ferry terminal.

Six drivers were pulled over and warned to slow down. Golf carts cannot legally travel on roads with speed limits over 35 mph. One driver had violated this law and driven to the airport. He received a warning.

There were four warnings issued for violation of NPS campground rules (Too loud, too crowded, too many blowing embers.  Respect your neighbors). 

Four unleashed dogs did not receive warning tickets. The pet owners did.

Two people working on a seamless tan were issued warnings for indecent exposure. When nude sunbathers see Park Rangers approaching, there is usually a scramble to find something resembling proper attire, said Ranger Ed Fuller.

One man has a mandatory court appearance after receiving two violation notices. The first was for camping in an unauthorized area. The second charge was tampering, which resulted from trying to break into cars at a day use area, explained Fuller. The visitor who didn't feel a need to pay for services on Ocracoke has since moved on.

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